Why Do You Hike?

Many people wonder, ‘Why do you guys hike? It’s super tiring.’

And my answer is, yes, we will suffer. From foot aches and back pain. Burnt skin, cracked lips, dry hair, and many. But we will also experience the deepest of joys. The togetherness, being that cold together makes every hug that you get from your mates counts. The warmth of the sunlight after a long cold night. Seeing the pretty stars and city lights while enjoying some hot chocolate. The feeling after we reached the peak of the mountain and then cried. The taste of food that we proudly made, then eat it together from the same plate. But even the simplest thing can make us feel grateful, like seeing the edelweiss flowers bloom. or meeting other hikers and said hello to each other and get encouraged.

At the end of the day, all the suffering will be worth it. And believe me, you will crave for more hiking trips.😉🌹
17 may 2017 – 8.45 pm