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Why Do You Hike?

Many people wonder, ‘Why do you guys hike? It’s super tiring.’

And my answer is, yes, we will suffer. From foot aches and back pain. Burnt skin, cracked lips, dry hair, and many. But we will also experience the deepest of joys. The togetherness, being that cold together makes every hug that you get from your mates counts. The warmth of the sunlight after a long cold night. Seeing the pretty stars and city lights while enjoying some hot chocolate. The feeling after we reached the peak of the mountain and then cried. The taste of food that we proudly made, then eat it together from the same plate. But even the simplest thing can make us feel grateful, like seeing the edelweiss flowers bloom. or meeting other hikers and said hello to each other and get encouraged.

At the end of the day, all the suffering will be worth it. And believe me, you will crave for more hiking trips.😉🌹
17 may 2017 – 8.45 pm

Untukmu yang jauh.

Bingung, harus mulai dari mana…

Cuma ingin cerita sedikit, yang mungkin tak penting bagi kamu, tapi penting bagiku untuk kamu tahu ini.

Aku rindu. Itu dua kata pertama yang kamu harus tahu. Mungkin kita baru kenal sebentar… Tapi aku harap kamu juga merasakannya. Namun kalau kamu tidak rindu padaku pun tidak apa-apa. Aku masih akan tetap rindu.

Kamu ingat, tidak? Senang, sedih, marah, capek, takut, kita alami bersama-sama. Banyak petualangan dan pengalaman berharga yang kita alami bersama. Kita bisa tertawa hingga menangis, entah apa yang kita tertawakan. Kita juga bisa menangis, saling mengerti. Bahkan kita juga bisa berbicara serius, tentang hal-hal yang terjadi di dunia ini.

Dulu, dimana ada kamu, pasti ada aku. Dimana ada aku, pasti ada kamu.

Tapi sekarang? Kamu jauh. Aku jauh.

Kita jauh.

Aku dan kamu sekarang punya kesibukan masing-masing, itu hal yang wajar. Menurutku, susah sekali untuk kita buat kumpul bareng makan-makan bahkan sekedar mengobrol santai lewat telepon pun jarang sekali. Kita hanya mengirim tulisan lewat internet. Tetapi aku bersyukur kita masih tetap berhubungan.

Sedikit cemburu melihat kamu bersama sahabat barumu yang keren itu. Karena dulu, itu adalah tempatku. Tetapi untunglah, aku disini juga menemukan sahabat-sahabat baru.

Aku harap kita bisa bertemu, dan bercerita hingga larut, persis seperti dulu.

See you, when i see you.

Untuk kamu,

sahabat yang jauh.

This post is dedicated to my bestest friends – who always listen and understand. If any of you are reading this, hi. 🙂 

PARDON THIS CHEESY POST. Just needed to let it all out. ❤🙏🏼

Is it my fault or his?

So there was this boy, he sits behind my desk at school. At first i thought that he was a nice guy. But we barely even talk, and today, i figured out that he wasn’t like what i thought about him.
It all started in this morning.
My morning was normal. Nothing to worry about. I went to school and i arrived in my class. But soon i realized that my chair was missing. It was gone.

Without thinking much, i grabbed somebody else’s chair, which belonged to ‘The Boy’. Then i sit behind my desk with his chair, innocently. Soon, he came into the class and walked upon my table. Then we had a conversation that was pretty much like this:

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A bit scared

Here’s to the Jakarta bombing victims. My thoughts and prayers are with the Jakarta bombing victims and their families. Please accept my heartfelt condolences on the loss of your loved ones.

I was riding a bus today, going to Bandung to have a field trip with my beloved organisation. On the way there, at around 10 or 11 am, i heard my friends were talking about some hot news agitatedly. It was the bombings and shootings in Jakarta.

I was super shocked.

And a little bit scared at that time.

Because i never thought anything like this before. It’s amazing how things happen to our life without us knowing it will happen. My mind suddenly full with a lot of unlogical assumptions.

So our school called us, they said that we must be careful and be home soon.

Well, we didn’t. Because we couldn’t just cancel this whole thing that we prepared for months. And thank God we were all okay. We got back home at 7 pm, nothing to worry about.

One thing we learned about this incident. I think that we must cherish all the things we love, before it’s too late.

See you on top

Tomorrow i will have a farewell party. It’s so sad. I will be a senior high school student soon. I’m not ready to leave my junior high school friends yet.

By the way, my 3rd year (grade 9) at junior high were my best days. I love my class so much. I got the best, the most solid, the most comfortable class so far in my junior high history, 9F. The name of my class is Forza Adhigana. Pretty cool, right 😉 So sad that we must leave each other to high school …

But i’m not truly sad, because this is life, life isn’t fair but life goes on. We must leave each other to move on with our lives.

But if there will be a reunion, please come! Don’t be so busy with yourself because i miss you already! 🙂

I hope someday we’ll meet again. We’ll meet in a beautiful place. We’ll be telling our successful story of our own.

Thank you Forza for everything. I love you and please don’t forget me and everything we have done together!
Also thank you for 9F’s class teacher, Bu Rifda, we love you so much!

Forza Adhigana

Current mood

Recently i really love to watch Korean dramas. Every episode i watched i always want to watch the next episode right away. They are so addicting, i wonder how did the makers get those kinds of ideas??? And don’t forget the actors, man. Are they even human?! Oh my God they are beautiful creature. They are all my lovely Oppa!

By the way, here is a list of my recently-watched k-dramas :

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