aku tidak benar-benar pergi.

aku hanya ingin lihat

bagaimana sikapmu saat tahu

bahwa kamu dan aku

bukanlah ‘kita’ seperti dulu

aku pikir kamu akan berusaha

nyatanya tidak.

aku tahu. itu bodoh.

melepasmu- aku hancur.

aku takkan bisa.

tapi aku ingin kau tahu


aku masih disini

aku tidak benar-benar pergi.


Hey, kamu.

iya, kamu.

aku punya sesuatu;

kabar baik dan buruk untukmu

mana yang mau kau dengar lebih dulu?

ok, kumulai dari kabar baik dulu.

tetapi kumohon jangan terkejut

jangan pula takut

ataupun terpaut

karena kabar baik dariku:

aku sangat mencintaimu.

dan kabar buruk dariku:

aku sangat ingin melupakanmu.

3, 2, 1

Ten, nine, eight;

turn off your TV, honey

turn off your phone

take your loved one

look out the window

look at the sky.

Seven, six;

don’t you want to see magic

in the sky

on the last day

of 2016?

Five, four;

stay up late, coffee in hands

counting hours,

counting minutes,

counting seconds.

And three, two, one;

fireworks, trumpets

popped and heard

it marked the end

or marked the new?

But darling,

it doesn’t matter

let’s cheers

to a fresh beginning.

I Still Wait

I still think of you
I still dream about you
And I still listen to the song that reminds me of you
I even play it on repeat somehow

And it is not sucks
It is a billion times
Even worse than that

Because i know
Deep down
In the bottom of my little heart
I know you will not dream about me
Or even think about me

For once i thought
That we were that close
To be together
You walked away from me.
Ah, no.
You even ran away
Leaving me behind

How silly of me
To think that i was the one
How potty of me
To think that
A beautiful human being like you
Could even love a creature like me

And for me,
you are like the star
And i am earth
You only seen by me when it’s dark
And you just disappear when there’s sun
But you’re still there
Waiting for the night

Then i figured out that
I am not your constellation
I am not even a dust
On your shirt

Every night
I still wait for a good night
And i still
Regret your goodbye

And i want you to know
That i will love you
In every moment of forever

So if one day
You ever come back to me
Don’t ever doubt about a single shit, honey
Cause my heart will still open
For you
And you only
And i am not sure
When is the best time to close it.

21 December 2014