Control Errors

When it comes to calmness, i have always been the best amongst my friends. It’s not that i can’t act crazy or anything, i just feel that when in an emergency, there is no need for us to be panicking. Whenever i’m panic, i can’t think of anything so i don’t see a point in that. I control myself and try to be as calm as i can facing the problem.

So i just shout, “STAY CALM OK CALM DOWN,” to everyone, including myself too. In urgent situation i like to calm myself by making myself think that it’s alright and everything is going to be ok.

“Just do what you have to do, and it’s gonna be all good,” i say to myself.

And i think it’s a good thing i have.

I remember one time when i was in a mountain called Merbabu in Central Java last March, i was hiking with some friends. Once i and the other 3 girls were left behind from the group. We were stuck in a difficult situation. The sun was starting to set and one of us couldn’t find her headlamp (she probably put it in the bottom of her bag). Then it was starting to rain, so we stopped for a while to put on our raincoat. But after that, rain fell heavily and the track was really slippery. One of us who didn’t find her headlamp was starting to panic. She screamed for help from our group, which would have been somewhere far from our position that time. I tried to calm her down but the panic spread to the other girl. And i couldn’t think of anything except for someone to come here pick us up so i started to scream with them. It was really chaotic.

I guess i failed at being calm HAHAHA. Still need to try and really calm myself.

“It’s all about finding the calm in the chaos.” – Donna Karan

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