Eternal Buddies

Here’s a fun fact : i actually like pets.

Once i had a cat, his name was Emon. I named him after my favorite Japanese cartoon Doraemon. I had him when i was in kindergarten until i moved out from that house in first grade.

My mom wouldn’t let me bring him into my new house, i never knew why.

It’s weird because i do remember all of this. I was still little.

Emon had an orange fur with a mix of some beige fur. He was so cute and squishy. He loved fish and fresh milk. He loved his pink and white plate with a fish figure my mother gave me for him to eat.

I miss my cat. I miss rubbing his short neck. I miss him being around with his cute meowing sound. I miss him disturbing me. I miss him rubbing my feet with his fur. I miss playing with him. I miss seeing him waiting for me outside the front door after school. I miss him.

I miss my cat.

And now, it’s been a frickin eleven years, and only God knows if he’s still in this world or not. I don’t even have a photo of him…

I miss my cat. 😿

Years later after Emon, i had two hamsters. They were super cute. My far cousin gave them to me and my sis. She gave them to us because she already had a lot of hamsters.

I built him a hamster house, it was from a big plastic jar. I even had hamster toys for them to play.

I play with them everyday after school. I love seeing their tiny little fingers eating some sunflower seeds.

Unfortunately, i got busy and started to be lazy to take care of my hamsters.

Then one of them died. And my dad doesn’t want the other one die too and gave it to one of his friends’ daughter.

Since then, i never had a pet again.

I am missing a little part of my childhood.

And, about dogs, i might actually like them. I love seeing dogs videos, being cute and all, loving his master. But since i’m not allowed to touch them by my religion, i never really had a chance to interact with one.

I actually want to keep a pet, just one. For me to play with, who listens to me and not complaining.

I miss having a pet.


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