I was kidnapped?!

Here lies some scary shit.

I got kidnapped.

First thing i knew i was in a moving car, with several guys, probably three. I was sitting in the backseat with one of them and i also found my cousin on the backseat with me. The other two guys sat on the front. I don’t really remember how the guys looked like. What i remember is one of them – which was sitting on the backseat with me and my cousin – he got beard. Some really thick beard. And he also used a blue beanie. They all used a cool and shiny black leather jacket.

Let me tell you since the beginning of this story. It was a fine day; it wasn’t raining, not even windy nor cloudy. Sun was shining bright. I attended a conference which i had to perform my Quran-reading skill. But it turned out really bad, i was sure that i was the worst performer.

Anyway, as soon as it was over, we dismissed and i was waiting for my cousin to pick me up and go home. Suddenly, a guy came to me and said that he was there to pick me up. I didn’t know why i nodded. He said that he brought a car, and i went to the parking lot with him. I wasn’t smelling any bad intentions at that time. When i got in the car, i found my cousin that was supposed to pick me up. She was crying and her eyes were red. I was shocked and my heart started beating hard. Many questions came in my mind and i made a conclusion by myself that we got kidnapped.
I stared at my cousin. I asked her in my mind, “are we really kidnapped?!” It was like mind reading or something, because she understand what i asked her. She nodded.

Then the car started to move. I didn’t know where we were going. I was thinking of something to get out of this situation and i had many crazy ideas that were so unrealistic.

I knew if i don’t make any moves, i and my cousin will not survive whatever we were facing. After thinking for quiet some time, i saw the driver forgot to lock the car and got an idea. Then i made a signal to my cousin, ‘on my mark, we burst out of this car!’ i spoke in my heart hoping that she would understand.

“NOW!!!” i said as we quickly opened the door wide and jumped outside the moving car. It was really scary and my whole body ache so bad.

Then we ran, ran as quick as possible to get to the nearest house or person we could find to get some help. We found some people and they helped us and called the police. We bleed happily as we smell the scent of freedom, although we were still shocked from what happened.

I still remember the story clearly until now.


IT WASN’T REAL! But i got a little message to you all: Always be careful and don’t trust people so easily!

Peace out and be safe✌🏼️❤️