Is it my fault or his?

So there was this boy, he sits behind my desk at school. At first i thought that he was a nice guy. But we barely even talk, and today, i figured out that he wasn’t like what i thought about him.
It all started in this morning.
My morning was normal. Nothing to worry about. I went to school and i arrived in my class. But soon i realized that my chair was missing. It was gone.

Without thinking much, i grabbed somebody else’s chair, which belonged to ‘The Boy’. Then i sit behind my desk with his chair, innocently. Soon, he came into the class and walked upon my table. Then we had a conversation that was pretty much like this:

The Boy : “Eh itu kursi gua kan? Ih sini balikin, anj*ng emang.”

Me : “Tapi kan gua dateng duluan.”

The Boy : “Ya lu cari kursi lain lah. Sini balikin kursi gua.”

Me : “Lu aja yang cari kursi lain, gua duluan disini.”

The Boy : “Ah elah bangs*t.”

Me : “Cari aja kursi lain masih banyak kali.”

The Boy : “Anj*ng lu elah balikin kursi gua.”

Then after we argued for about 5 minutes or so, he gave up and searched another chair. I heard that he mumbled anj*ng bangs*t while he was searching for another chair for him to sit.
So what i’m trying to say is, why? Why did he must say all those sensored words to me? If you want to have your chair back, ask nicely then i’d give it to you. But bruh, with all those words and attitude you gave me, hell no i won’t give your chair back.

Just show some respect, man. I need a chair and so do you. Then BE NICE. Please.

I always feel like going mad and wanting to punch someone if i see a person being rude.

I know i was wrong, took other’s chair without permission. But hey, if you were me, then what would you do?

P.S : Sorry i needed to use some bahasa, if i translate it to english there is no proper word for them.


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