Sing and chaos

For anyone of you who likes to sing and have a great voice, i envy you. Really. I mean it.

I enjoy singing (i mean, who doesn’t?). But i only sing in my bedroom for fun or sometimes in the shower. Because of my voice, i don’t have enough confidence to sing in public. It’s pathetic i know.

When i speak, i sounded like my vocal cords are squished into something. I sounded low but shrill? I don’t even know how to explain it.

So one day in the music class, the teacher told us that we must sing and it will be scored. Anyone who got a great score could join the choir and perform at the seniors’ graduation. And i was just like, wow. Seniors’ grad. I wanna be there, i want to see my crush! Hohoho. But one thing, how am i supposed to SING without sounding like a seal? 😦

So yeah. I just sing like i always sing. And it turned out really bad… Like i always knew it would be.

It was a chaos.

I listened to my friends, some of them have a really great voice and they got to perform at the seniors’ grad. Well, congrats pals, you deserve it. Please tell my crush i said hi.

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