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(((What a typical-so-basic title))).

Here i am, in my room, living a life on the first day of 2016, i have nothing to do, so i decided to write a post for my blog.

What a great way to start a year.

Note the sarcasm, guys.

So, i was hoping that i could celebrate new year’s eve with my big family in Bandung, as always, and apparently we couldn’t. Because some of them are doing Umroh. Don’t get me wrong, i am so so so happy they could go there but, yeah. You know. It’s s u p e r b o r i n g to spend your holiday just in your home, on your computer.

Right? Right.

Basically all students want is a holiday and a great way to spend it. Like travel somewhere you’ve never been to, or simply hanging out with your old friends talking about your old memories.

Personally, my kind of perfect holiday is doing outdoor activities. Hiking, snorkelling, camping, etc.


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