See you on top

Tomorrow i will have a farewell party. It’s so sad. I will be a senior high school student soon. I’m not ready to leave my junior high school friends yet.

By the way, my 3rd year (grade 9) at junior high were my best days. I love my class so much. I got the best, the most solid, the most comfortable class so far in my junior high history, 9F. The name of my class is Forza Adhigana. Pretty cool, right 😉 So sad that we must leave each other to high school …

But i’m not truly sad, because this is life, life isn’t fair but life goes on. We must leave each other to move on with our lives.

But if there will be a reunion, please come! Don’t be so busy with yourself because i miss you already! 🙂

I hope someday we’ll meet again. We’ll meet in a beautiful place. We’ll be telling our successful story of our own.

Thank you Forza for everything. I love you and please don’t forget me and everything we have done together!
Also thank you for 9F’s class teacher, Bu Rifda, we love you so much!

Forza Adhigana


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