Current mood

Recently i really love to watch Korean dramas. Every episode i watched i always want to watch the next episode right away. They are so addicting, i wonder how did the makers get those kinds of ideas??? And don’t forget the actors, man. Are they even human?! Oh my God they are beautiful creature. They are all my lovely Oppa!

By the way, here is a list of my recently-watched k-dramas :

1. The Heirs

2. High School – Love On!

3. Pinocchio

4. My Love From The Star

5. It’s Okay, It’s Love

And for now i am watching EXO Next Door, it’s a mini drama so each episode is only 10-15 minutes but it’s so worth watching! But it’s still on-going now.
I am also watching Blood and Emergency Couple. After National Examination i don’t have anything to do anymore so i hope i can finish them soon and watch School 2015 and The Girl Who Sees Smells. My friend said they’re really good.

If anyone is asking where do i watch them, i usually go to for Indonesian subtitle. Or if you want to watch in English subtitle, you can go to

That’s enough for today. Back to the drama, gurls. Annyeong!^^


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