I Still Wait

I still think of you
I still dream about you
And I still listen to the song that reminds me of you
I even play it on repeat somehow

And it is not sucks
It is a billion times
Even worse than that

Because i know
Deep down
In the bottom of my little heart
I know you will not dream about me
Or even think about me

For once i thought
That we were that close
To be together
You walked away from me.
Ah, no.
You even ran away
Leaving me behind

How silly of me
To think that i was the one
How potty of me
To think that
A beautiful human being like you
Could even love a creature like me

And for me,
you are like the star
And i am earth
You only seen by me when it’s dark
And you just disappear when there’s sun
But you’re still there
Waiting for the night

Then i figured out that
I am not your constellation
I am not even a dust
On your shirt

Every night
I still wait for a good night
And i still
Regret your goodbye

And i want you to know
That i will love you
In every moment of forever

So if one day
You ever come back to me
Don’t ever doubt about a single shit, honey
Cause my heart will still open
For you
And you only
And i am not sure
When is the best time to close it.

21 December 2014

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