Well, because this one is my first post, i want to introduce myself properly.
Hello! My name is Lulu. I’m still 15 and i live in Jakarta, Indonesia. My birthday is on 9 February, so if you want to send me a birthday gift, just let me know and i will send you my address 😛 I live with my family consisting of 4 people: me, my sister, and my beloved parents. I like to read novels and also comics. I am now a 9 grader, that’s why i will not post much until May because i’m busy preparing for my National Exam. Wish me luck guys!

The reasons why I made this blog because: (1) I want to improve my writing skills. (2) I want to improve my English. And (3) I’d like to share my own thoughts through my writings.

When i was still an elementary student, i joined the Creative Writing club. It was an extracurricular in the school. It was really fun. We wrote anything we like. Our experience, our imaginations, or we wrote something that happened in front of our eyes. And when we were having writer’s block, we still had something fun to do. We drew, we cooked, or we visited our friend’s house. It was so sad when i had to left the club because it was time for me to be a junior high school student.

downloadMaybe when i was a 5 grader, my teacher (let’s call her Miss H) borrowed my notebook and she didn’t return it until i was a 7 grader, if i’m not mistaken. Until one day, i got a mail. It was a letter from her. She said that she was sorry that she borrowed my notebook for so long. The unexpected thing was, she has been trying to send my stories in that notebook to many publishers. But unfortunately no one accepted it. At the end of the letter Miss H said that i have to keep trying. She believed that one day i can be a successful writer if i keep trying. She said that i have a great talent in writing and i am a hard worker.

I was so happy to read that letter i nearly cried that time. With that letter, she also sent a book called “How to be a Writer” by Primadonna Angela. That’s why i want to improve my writing skills here, and hopefully i can be a novelist someday.

Well, that was enough about me!

And guys, i hope you kindly remind me if i made any mistakes in my posts. Wether it is a grammatical errors or anything. I am here to study, remember? 😉

Thank you for reading, have a great day and see you on my next post!


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